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>> Friday, March 12, 2010

So I have spent some time clicking the 'next blog' button at the top of the screen, hoping to find some more interesting blogs to read and add to my list of interesting blogs I already read... but here is what I have discovered.  Bloggers seem to have their own sterotype.  Seriously!  Now I know stereotypes are dangerous, but I am telling the truth, most of the blogs I have looked at are either (in order of freqency):

1.  From Indonesia, Tailand or Malaysia - so I can't read them.
2.  Being pregnenat, or the journey of having a new kid in the family.  I like these ones, but I think they are much better if you actually know the kid... Otherwise its pretty easy to lose interest.  

3.  Christian Moms... yes I spelt that right, lots of American ladies blog about their families, which is kinda nice, but not what I am after.  It also turns out that many of these women are in fact pastors wives... just as an observation.
or 4. Arts and crafts blogs - now I not talking the cute kind or arty blogs, I am talking sharing knitting pattern type blogs... also not quite what I am after.

All of these blogs are great, well I am sure they are I didn't really stop and read very many, but I guess they are just not what I am interested in right now.  I am sure if I has kids of my own, or even a hobby I would actually enjoy what they wrote, but they just didn't catch my eye today, because thats not where I am at.  I did however come across some one where people acutally share real stuff about their own lives (as apposed to the lives of others around them).  These ones really caught my eye and I really enjoyed them.  I read a few stories about the struggles of a family as their 2 year old died from cancer, I read about a family that had up and left everything to try something new and I read some stories about just stuff people do day to day.  Maybe I am just super nosey and I liked these ones coz they were raw and real, I am not sure. 

I know that in the past I have blogged before about wanting my blog to be something more than a primary school journal and I hope that it is.  I hope that when other people push the 'next blog' button, if it ever lands on mine that they will stop and have a read and that they would enjoy it.
I guess that's just all part of the adventure!


Dave March 19, 2010 at 7:06 PM  

Good observation. You are lonely so you have Boone but yourself to write about except yourself.

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