Half marathon

>> Tuesday, March 16, 2010

So the training has started, luckily the half marathon is still a good 6 months away because after this mornings gym session I think I am going to need all the time that I can get!

This morning I met Jana at the gym, yes that gym that I signed up for with all the best intentions and then never really returned! Anyway we began the journey, the only thing is Jana is quiet a bit fitter than me, which isn't really that hard to imagine, given the fact that all I have done since the last half marathon is a SYG and and few random basketball games and not much else. This means that this morning as we trained together I felt like needed to prove myself just a little, you know, back my tale of my last half marathon up so that it didn't seem as unrealistic as it sounded. So needless to say I went pretty hard, and despite the fact that I only walked/ran for 3.5km... I already have blisters and very sore quads and I am a little worried that this is a bad sign! Sure perhaps I went a bit hard for my first time back in the saddle, but if I am this injured after 1/7th of the race than chances are I might struggle. But I have 6 months and I am not giving up yet! I have another hot date with Jana and the gym on Friday morning... So I better find better socks so I don't get anymore blisters!

Oh and just in case you needed proof... here are the mighty half marathoner's after our last race... don't we look spiffy! 


Dave March 19, 2010 at 6:59 PM  

First training back is always the hardest. Your training is one sesson further than mine so well done.

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