Who are, who are, who are we? We are Caulfield can't you see?

>> Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's not often that I get to go back to my school, and I guess that's pretty normal seeing as I am no longer a student there, but this morning I headed out to Caulfield to watch Jake play hockey for the good ol' blue boys. It was strange to be there and not be in my uniform but as one of the on lookers. I did however get a chance to let my true Caulfield colours shine...much to the embarressment of Jake and the amusement of the other parents. Lets just say I learnt to cheer from my Dad.

It made me think of my days at school and how much I missed having everything so structured, I probably wouldn't choose to go back permanently, perhaps just for a week or so.

I can't even remember if Jake's team won or lost all I really remember is I liked being part of the school again. It was also nice to watch jake and to be there to support him.
I guess that's just all part of the adventure!


I'm from the country and I like it that way

>> Friday, May 29, 2009

So tonight, as I do most Friday nights, I trekked back to Melbourne, cruising to the tunes of my iPod… tonight’s selection was a country mix with Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, the Rascal Flatts and Lee Kernaghan, and a few others chucked in there too .

Only tonight instead of coming home to either an empty house, or one or two members of my family, I came home to a party…now don’t panic, it was planned, and I did know about it, I just didn’t think that it would be quite as big as it was…Anyway, as I pulled up to my house I realized must to my annoyance that someone had blocked my car spot with their own car and a few more.

Now I’ll be honest, this annoys me at the best of times, let alone when I am tired after having driven two hours and when every other available park at my own house is taken. So I a drove around wondering were to park I listened to the words of the song playing through my stereo in the background….

Everybody knows everybody
Everybody calls you mate
You don’t need an invitation
Kick off your boots and come on in
Yeah we know how to work and we know how to play

We’re from the Country ho
We’re from the Country hey
We’re from the Country and we like it that way

So in a country brain moment I thought 'stuff it, I am from the country now, I can park wherever I want', so I pulled my car up on to someone garden, got out, shut the door and walked away singing ‘I’m from the country and I like it that way’ to myself with a smile.

I know, I know, I am a bit of a loser...but do you know what???

I'm from the country and I like it that way!

I guess that's just all part of the adventure!


Mini Golf Madness

>> Saturday, May 23, 2009

Another Box Hill Salvos Young Adults event and another uncool activity made fun fun fun...tonight it was Mini Golf Madness and I tell you what there is nothing like being outside hitting a little ball into a hole in the freezing cold.

After mini golf Dave and I got to hang out with one my oldest and bestest friends...Pheebs oh and steve too. It's something that I haven't done in a really long time and I loved it so thanks a bunch oh and next time we go to cones before it closes!

I guess that's just all part of the adventure!



>> Friday, May 22, 2009

Tonight I had some visitors, not just one, but 3. Tonight, Mum came up with Auntie Lorraine and then Auntie Barb drove over to meet us as well and we had a night on the town. Well we went to one of the restaurants in town and it was lovely. It was really nice to have them all there and even though it got a little crowded I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. It was so nice to have something so familiar around, I guess it was nice to have family around.

It's weird because even though sometimes I get a litt
le lonely in my little house in the country I haven't asked anyone to come up and hang out with me, not because I don't want them to, but I think because I am not sure how will work, seeing it is so small, so it was really nice to start with people that I knew would love me what ever happened, even if they didn't fit...my family.

So thanks a bunch for coming up, mum, Lorraine and Barb it was heaps nice to have you, oh and thanks a bunch for the hedgehog
slice barb you are the best!

I guess that's just all part of the adventure!


Stick with what you know

>> Thursday, May 21, 2009

TIP 2: When you have visitors...Stick with what you know!

There is one dish that I like to cook and that I can cook really well (well I think so anyway), so when Dave came up to Castlemaine to visit me, I decided to stick with what I knew and cooked risotto and it went down like a treat. Anyway as much as I hate to admit it I really liked playing house. Now don't get the wrong idea or anything, I don't think I want to rush into it on a permanent basis, but I enjoyed it tonight anyway...

I guess that's just all part of the adventure!


Happy Birthday...I mean YUCK YUCK YUCK!

>> Saturday, May 16, 2009

So while I really didn't want to get into the habit of celebrating birthdays on my blog, mainly because I didn't want to miss one, I feel that when you celebrate a special birthday it is the exception. So today is my buddy Henrik's 21st Birthday and I have spent most of my day helping him celebrate at his lunch time party, complete with classic photos of his dad with hair (who would have known Rob had hair once!). So happy birthday Henrik...just so you know, you are forgiven for all the times you and dusty made me cry and for not talking to me when...well you know when. Hope you have had a ripper day, coz you deserve it!

Unfortunately though the day took a turn for the worst, Kitty and I went into the city to try and win the wicked lottery tonight...but even though we were feeling very very very excited and confident it didn't happen....very very very disappointing! But all was not lost, because we didn't win, we were able to go and help Simon celebrate his birthday too, and then see and amazing movie....mainly coz it stared Matthew McConaughey, although I was not impressed with the bit where he has disguisting long hair....yuck that was gross, even remembering it makes me uncomfortable!

I guess that's just all part of the adventure!


Gym Junkie

>> Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just before I start...When I heard people say Gym Junkie I liked the alliteration, but it's not really alliteration at all...its a G and J, can you have alliteration with different letters???

Anyway, tonight I went to the Gym...I know shock horror...Emma went to the Gym???? Not only did I go to the gym but I also met with my personal trainer...that's right a personal trainer. And everything went well that was until I did the bench press. So here is the thing, while its only a really small gym attached the hospital, a lot of the footy boys from town use it, with all there muscles and weights and what not and there I am bench pressing 12kg. Now if you never ever do bench pressing, 12kg might sound impressive, but I am telling you its really not. Why you may ask, well just before I got to the machine, here is one of the boys removing 40kg from the bar, 20kg on each side, meaning that he had just been lifting 50kg coz the bar weighs 10kg. So when I go to lift my 12, I have the 10kg bar and these little tiny tiny weights on each side....pathetic, I was so embarrassed, but thats not the worst bit....the worst bit my little tiny 12kgs almost killed me! Hence, I am not sure how long my gym junkie phase will last, or even if it will take off full stop. But at least I have tried...and started

I guess that's just all part of the adventure!


New Friends

>> Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Today I made some new friends, well not some really a whole heap, 6 to be in fact!

Tonight I had dinner at the Castle’s house. The Castle’s are the officers at Bendigo corps and coz I am new in town they invited me around to dinner. At first I was really worried, not because I didn’t think they would be nice, but because I was worried that they wouldn’t like me, that I would run out of things to talk about, that kind of stuff, but it turns out I had nothing to worry about, I had a great night. First hanging out with the kids all four of them, and then chatting with Susanne and Quentin, it was really nice and I think what made it extra nice was because they were salvos which meant they already understood a part of me and my history and we had some common friends. I was nice to meet new people, but have them already know a little about what makes you, you. So thanks a bunch Susanne and Quentin for making me feel so welcome!

I guess that's just all part of the adventure!


A Birthday ending in 0...and Cooking Tips with Emma

>> Tuesday, May 12, 2009

So seeing as yesterday was all about mum, it only seems fair that today Dad gets a bit of a spin...and conveniently its also his birthday... but not just any birthday, today is (in the words of Dad himself as CSM) one of those birthdays ending in 0!

So congrats Dad, you made it...with your own hips and everything, in fact almost completely intact, that is of course, except for your hair, but we can't have it all. Anyway, I just wanted to say Happy Birthday, Thanks for everything you have done for me and for helping me to become the person I am today. Oh and especially for everything over the last time, I have really appreciated it. Oh and just one more time... 上日, 快乐!Or for those of you that need pin yin (wink wink, dad) shang ri, kuai le!

On a completely different note...Today I bring to you for the first time (on the internet anyway)...


Now this segment is not celebrating me as a masterchief of some kind, because that couldn't be further from the truth, but rather it celebrates some of the things that I have learnt as I try to cook for myself. So here we go...

TIP 1: A Blende
r is not an appropraite substitute for a food processer

Tonight, I thought I would make some of mum's slice to take with me on a dinner date tomorrow night, but as I was preparing it I realised that I didn't have a food processer to crush the biscuits, not really that big a deal, but I also didn't have a rolling pin...so being the ingenius young lady that I am I decided that maybe the blender would work...but it didn't it just made the biscuits stink like burnt...so next time I will know, either by a rolling pin or a food processer, but don't use the blender!

I guess that's just all part of the adventure!



>> Monday, May 11, 2009

Today, as I am sure you already know is Mother's Day.

But today is not just any mother's day, today is a different mother's day, its the first mother's day for us without Nana, and it's my first mother's day being in charge of Kids Church, which means its my first time doing something special for the mums, and the first time the mums will be in Kids Church for the year. it's actually really daunting having all the mums in Sunday school, I don't know why really. I guess it's just because you want things to be good you know, you want them to like it and be impressed, and being mother's day you want them to feel special. I think one of the biggest things was the fact that I was talking about being a mum, and I am not a mum, so I was a little bit out of my depth.
So to try and get around the whole lack of experience in the mother area, this morning in Kids church I decided to share a story that was special for both Mum and I, and hopefully would be a nice story for the other mums too. Anyway the story is called 'Love you forever' and so today on mother's day I thought I would post a specail post for mum, by using part of the story on here to...so here goes...

Hey mum...

I will love you forever,
I will love you for always,
and as long as you are with me
My mum you will be!

Hope you have had a ripper day today mum, I love ya stacks!

I guess that's just all part of the adventure!



>> Sunday, May 10, 2009

So its nice to be home, well back in Melbourne anyway, but today a number of times I was asked when I was moving the rest of my stuff and who could have my room and it really threw me. Not because I hadn't thought about or hadn't seen it coming, but because I just wasn't ready for that yet. It actually really upset me, I think what hurt the most was the fact that it would make everything so final if I didn't have my room here. I know that I will always have a room, but I wanted it to be my room.

I guess the other thing that makes it hard is that I don't feel ready to be living out of home, even now that I have been doing it for a few weeks. I think that even though I chose to go for the job in Castlemaine, I didn't really want to move out. I just had to, because the job was 2hours away and I think that this was what made think about packing up my room harder. I know that it is something that I will have to do eventually, but I am not quite ready yet. I just can't right now, its too hard.

I know its silly being attached to things like rooms and houses, but I guess its just the way I am, I have always got attached to things like that, even more silly things like iPods and computers, but I find them just as hard to give up. I know they don't love me back, but I feel like they might just a little bit and I think this is the same with my room. its a space that I ahve called my own for so long, everything in there is me and it holds so many memories. I know that I have the memories in my head, but its not the same. I know that one day, probably one day soon I will have to let go, but not today...today it's still my room and no one else's.

I guess that's all just part of the adventure!


Night Cat

>> Saturday, May 9, 2009

I love live music, not just a little bit, but a lot. While I don't often dance when I go out, but I do like to go and tap my feet. It's weird though, because when I was living in Melbourne I didn't actually go out to hear live music all that often, but when I am away, or living somewhere else like I am now, I really miss it. I think it's one of those things, you know, that you don't realise you will miss something until it is gone. Anyway, tonight I got to go and hear some live music at the Night Cat to help celebrate Dave's sister Vanessa's birthday. It was really nice, but while we were there something happened that made me feel really old... I was tired and ready to leave by like 10:30pm...I know how sad. I used to be able to stay up forever, but not anymore, I am losing it, the only benefit was that Dave was already ready to go as well, which while not suprising made me feel a little bit better about the situation.

Here's the thing though, I don't know if it was just tonight, or whether this is the end of my late nights as I know it...I hope it isn't, but perhaps my adventures are taking a toll.

I guess that's all part of the adventure!


This one time at band camp…

>> Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Just to clear things up before we go any further, while I am flute player, I have never been on, or wanted to go to a band camp….that was until tonight…well kind of.

It turns out that moving away from home kinda kills your week night social life, but not this week, no, this week I am going out! Well when I say this week, I really just mean that tonight I went out. After work tonight I headed into Bendigo to meet up with Dave’s Mum, Meg, who was on tour with her school’s concert band. I originally thought I was heading out to hear them reherse but it turned out that when I got there they were having the night off, but while the kids had some free time I got to hang out with Meg and it was really lovely. While some of the other staff made comments about what a terrible way to spend my night, and how they could think of much better things to do, I really loved it. There is nothing like a familiar face in an unfamiliar place (oh that rhymed, wow).

While I was there hanging out with them though, I noticed something very odd. The camp that they were staying at was a scout camp and on the wall was a wooden plaque. Now I don’t know if you can see this in the picture or not, but on the plaque it says: “pidgeon peckers…advanced course” If someone could tell me how you do an advaced course in pidgeon peckers I would like to know…but maybe its not something that should be happening at a scout’s camp…I don’t know it just doesn’t seem like some thing little boys should be doing, but maybe that’s just me. But if that’s what they are into, I don’t think that my boys will be scouts.
I guess that's all part of the adventure!


Racing Widow

>> Monday, May 4, 2009

I am a racing widow, that’s right you heard me, I am a racing widow. This weekend Davo has gone up to Winton raceway with his mate Darryl, leaving me alone, well almost alone, luckily for me I have a racing widow friend and that’s where I have spent my day today. Each time Dave heads off to the cars it means one thing for me, a girls day with Tania, Ally, Jamie and Tess and its always nice. As much as I hate it when Dave goes away, I really look forward hanging out with Tania, it is a friendship that has developed out of being left alone, but has become so much more than that, so I guess I just want to use this blog to thank Tania. Not just for being my fellow widow, but also for being my friend and for all the support and love that she has given me over that last couple of years and especially as I have moved up to Castlemaine, thanks for looking out for me, and for Davo too, or and for sitting with me as the reality of the massive adventure hit home. Thanks for sharing your girls with me and letting me teach them, and hang out with them and even write silly songs with them. Thanks too for sharing your wisdom, patience and kindness with me, I love ya stacks!

I guess that's all part of the adventure!


Small Things

>> Saturday, May 2, 2009

Have you ever had one of those moments that made you go… ‘ahhh’, where you are a little amazed by something really really simple? I love it when it happens, normally it happens just out of the blue, you don’t even have to be looking for it, but it just pops up and makes you go wow.

Tonight has been one of those nights for me. As I travelled home, well back to Melbourne, driving along the calder freeway I had one of these moments. There is a hill in between Gisborne and Sunbury and as you come over the crest of the hill you are see the city lights, and its amazing. The journey up until this point is pretty dark with only other cars, trucks the occasional street light to guide your way, but as you come over the hill you are present with this massive expanse of lights and its only for a second, but its there and tonight it made me go wow, check that out, God is good. I think what made this moment a moment though was all the little details as well, the darkness before, the expanse of lights and the fact that just as my car went over the crest my ipod started playing ‘Go the Distance’ from Disney’s Hercules sung by none other than Michael Bolton. Wow…even thinking about it now is good.

Anyway, this wasn’t my first wow moment for the day, nup life’s simple pleasures didn’t stop there…when I got home a sat down to have fish and chips with mum and dad. I think that what made this better than all the other times I have had fish and chips with them was again the details, the fact that I didn’t live there anymore, but I was still part of the family (sound silly, but its true), the fact that there was no pressure to be anywhere or to be doing anything else, and I guess the most important bit, the fact that I was just with my family.

After dinner I went to the movie with my buddy kat and we saw Wolverine which was not bad at all. Anyway during the movie Hugh Jackman’s character made a wise crack about people from Newfoundland in Canada, and I got the joke…now I know this isn’t a big deal for most people, but it made me think that there a probably a lot of jokes in movies that I don’t get just because I don’t understand the reference to a time or place, but this one I got and it made me feel smart and like I was in with the movie makers, another simple pleasure for the day.

Anyway, I guess the point of all this is that so often I get grumpy or take things for granted, but every now and then, normally when I least expect it something simple makes me smile, and I love it. Maybe I am easily amused, or perhaps I am a little nuts, but I hope that little things like lights, fish and chips and jokes always make me laugh!

I guess that's all part of the adventure!


Cirque du Soleil

>> Friday, May 1, 2009

Some people are flexible, and some people are not. Some people can catch a ball and some people can not. Some people can spin weird things on their fingers and toes and some people can not. And then there are people like the people in Cirque du Soleil...and they are freaks, seriously people are not meant to do that...

Tonight wasn't my first experience with Cirque du Soleil, I actually went in 2007 and it was just as awesome then...but tonight confirmed for me that the circus is not the place for me, no one should be able to do the things that they do, it's seriously not right. Everything about Cirque du Soleil was amazing, even the music that goes with it. Its almost like they search the world for the most talented people and put them in one show...crazy! Anyway if you get a chance go and see it...its awesome.

I guess that's all part of the adventure!

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