1 more sleep

>> Friday, October 23, 2009

Well its almost here, there is just one more sleep to anniversary (just quickly for those of you that don’t know…the anniversary is a children’s celebrations weekend at church) and I am pretty much pooing my pants.

I am not sure what worries me the most… the fact that I might not get everything done, or that something will fall through, or that no one will come, or even that everyone will come and it will just be bad, I really don’t know. The weird thing is though, even though I am anxious about it all, I am also feeling quite at peace, I kind of feel that at this point in time, (given that its 3am and Kat and I have just finished making two thirds of Ben's question cards for tonight) that whatever happens will happen and there is not much I can actually do now anyway.

I must admit thought I am also a little excited, the anniversary this year has been a lot of work and soon it will be over and we will see if it is all worth it. Anniversary has been quite different for me this year, in years gone by I have just been required to attend and watch or be on the stage with the kids but not really coordinate anything, but this year Dave, Jude and I have been doing most of the coordinating which means being the perfectionist I am I kind feel that how it turns out is a reflection on me and what I can do, even if its completely untrue. I have kinda felt like this is my baby and I am really hoping that it will be just as good as it is when I picture it in my head.

Oh well I guess we will find out soon enough…

I guess that's just all part of the adventure!


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