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>> Friday, October 9, 2009

Tonight I had the privellage of being involved in the worship team at the Maryborough Corps in central vic, a corps that I had heard a lot about but not experienced first hand… it is a corps that is growing rapidly and doing some incredible things in the town. In fact if you want to read a bit more about what’s happening down in Maryborough check our this blog from Captain Collo.

Having heard all these good things, when I got there tonight I was still surprised by a few:

1. Maryborough is massive, in my mind I had imagined Maryborough to be about the same size as Castlemaine…but I was wrong, which meant it wasn’t as easy to find the town hall as I had hoped. In fact, Maryborough is so big it even has a KFC and a Woolies!

2. Another thing that took me surprise was the type of youth group, now I know that that already sounds terrible, but Maryborough is a town with a lot of disadvantage and as a result there are some pretty rough kids, so being brought up in a very middle class salvos I was a little taken back by the fact that kids didn’t sit and listen, but instead talked through lots of the night. Now, I know that this sounds like a bad thing, but its not really, because through this, the youth group is still growing. And even though it didn’t look like what I thought it should, God is moving through the officers there and the kids. It was incredible because it really challenged what I was comfortable with at Box Hill and made me wonder if I would be as tolerant and committed as Captains Andrew and Kelly.

3. And finally, what took me by surprise was the passion and the love that was so clearly evident in Captains Andrew and Kelly. You could see their passion for their corps and community, the really really really loved their kids and they were making a difference in each of their lives. I couldn’t help but wonder if we were all as passionate, as committed and as hardworking as they are, what the salvation army would look like. It would be pretty incredible...I know that is has certainly challeneged me.

So thank your Captains Andrew and Kelly for what you are doing in Maryborough by God's help, and for the challenge and inspiration you have been to me.

I guess that's just all part of the adventure!


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