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>> Saturday, October 24, 2009

So Saturday night is down and its just Sunday to go and so far Anniversary has been a success. Tonight we celebrated the diversity of our church by battling it out one generation against the next ‘Talking about Your Generation’ from channel 10 style.

The night was really fantastic and thanks to the team we had helping out everything ran super smoothly. Oh and I am pretty sure that people had fun too, which is always super nice. It was seriously a fantastic night….and I don’t even care that I am probably a little biased, I was just so happy it worked, the teams did great, Benny did great and the kids were amazing. It felt a little strange that it was all actually happening because while we had been preparing, it felt like it would never actually get here and now its gone. It all seemed to happen kinda quickly actually and it’s a shame that it only happened once. In fact I am actually a little sad its all done, but I am really happy with everything that happened tonight

The thing I liked the most though was actually seeing all the contestants get involved, from people like my pa all the way down to my Kids Church kids. It was nice to have everyone there together and enjoying themselves. It wasn’t just one generation, but the whole church and the whole church had fun together. It gave me hope that as a church we could unify and it showed me just how much all the generations had to offer. I think that so often I miss out simply because I don’t interact with the other gens and I am not just talking about those that are older than me, but also those younger. I don’t think that God wants us to be constantly segregated into age group boxes and stereotypes but rather all in together, as the family and body of Christ. Sure its not going to work all the time, but perhaps I need to try harder at least some of the time. I know that even though I am 22 I have a lot to both learn from and teach those younger and older than me, but I can’t do that if they aren’t in my life. It’s a real shame that tonight was just a once off, but its definitely encouraged me to be a little more proactive about the people I have in my life and not to be so exclusive, especially not because of age.

Thank you everyone that was involved and attended the night, it really meant a lot to me and I really appreciate your support.

Oh and in case you missed out...check out this very embarrassing, but also amusing ad from the night...

I guess that's just all part of the adventure!


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