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>> Monday, June 8, 2009

There is nothing better than sleeping out in a tent in the middle of winter on the long weekend in June…well actually there a lot of things that are better, but none as fun! State youth games is one of those things that you really have to be at to understand, and even then some still don’t get it. But that’s where I have been all weekend. Camping and playing sport…probably the most un me things you could ever think of, but I love it. There were highs and lows and some random bits in between but here is a bit of a run down of what you missed…

Saturday morning (after a little panic about forgetting to do something for work for the weekend) our mixed netball team was awesome, losing the grand final by a goal after the siren…

Saturday night I watched Davo score a try in touch footy on the highlights I have a good looking boyfriend!

Sunday morning I was in my choice sport BADMINTON, and after coming 2nd in the open ladies last year I was hungry for victory only to be taken out by a young Asian lady who was only there to play badminton…that’s right she didn’t even stay for the day, just in and out to kick my but. I feel I was robbed, that she stole what was rightfully mine…but lets not get into that shall we…all I have to say is 2010 is my time!

Sunday arvo I played a new sport…the worst sport ever…thunder hockey…sounds cool, but its not…at all

Monday after cheering my little lungs out for Davo in the mountain biking and then finally packing up my stuff, I made it to the closing ceremony just in time to find out that we came 1st in the medium church division…pretty ace if you ask me…ahh Box Hill you’ve done it again...

And it all happen again a year from now.

I guess that's just all part of the adventure!


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