Adventure 1 - Outback

>> Saturday, April 11, 2009

So for Easter this year I went on my first big adventure as a 22 year old, I got to go camping, but not just camping down at the beach or somewhere I had been before, no for this camping trip, Dave, Ness, Murray and I headed up to Broken Hill for the Easter weekend.

Now, initially I thought that Broken hill was only about 5 hours away, but I was very wrong, the trip up to Broken Hill took us about 9 hours to do, with a few short toilet sto
ps on the way (very important when you only have a little bladder like mine). Unfortunately because the trip was so long it gave me plenty of time to think, which meant by the time we made it Broken Hill I was very stressed (and teary) about what still needed to happen before my big move in two weeks time. However, before that the trip was quite exciting, we went through Castlemaine so that Dave could see where I would be working and living, and then we drove through lots of little tiny towns, through all of which Dave said…. “it could be worse, you could be working here”. I think it was supposed to make me feel better, and it did a little, there are certainly a lot of places I could have gone a lot further out, so 2hrs isn’t so bad.

Once we got there and set up camp and settled in for the night I had a chance to work through some of my stress and do a little planning which made me feel much better. I was also able to enjoy the sitting outside in the fresh outback air....ahh the Australian outback air.

I guess that's all part of the adventure!


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