Adventure 1 - He is Risen

>> Monday, April 13, 2009

Last night's sunset was so pretty that I went back with Murray and Ness super early the this morning to watch the sunrise there on Easter Sunday, while I listened into a dawn service also happening at the site, it was very peaceful and a great way to celebrate Easter and the risen King. Sunday also meant Dave and I taking a trip to Broken Hill Corps, which was really nice. I really enjoy going to country corps as it is often at these corps that you get to see a real heart of worship where there are no distractions. It reminds me of how very blessed I am at box hill with all the bands, musicians, groups to attend and just people in general, but I think sometimes its easy to get caught up in all that stuff rather than what it is really about, and often worshiping somewhere else really helps me to get my perspective right.

That afternoon we also got to check out the 'broken hill' and the giant chair that is on top, which I think was actually the highlight of my trip...I tell you what whoever thought of a giant park bench was on to a good thing!

Giant chairs...who would have thought,

I guess that's all part of the adventure!


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