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>> Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tonight I had another last….tonight was my last songster practice, for those of you that aren’t down with salvo lingo, the songsters are basically the choir at the salvos, in most corps, the average age is quite high, but me and a few others were bringing that down a little at box hill. Anyway, while I am not so sad to see songster practice go what I will miss is the love and support that I received from that group. I think that checking up on people and encouraging others just for the sake of it, is something that the older generations do a lot better than my generation, despite the fact that it is probably a lot easier for us to do it with the help of facebook, texts, myspace, and all the other things we use to communicate. Its something that I want to be better at, and maybe moving away , will give me a chance to start doing some of things that had always just been good ideas in my head. We will see how I go I guess.

I guess that's all part of the adventure!


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