The day I cheated death…

>> Friday, July 10, 2009

Today I escaped death, death by chocking, death by poison, death by isolation and death by freezing…quite a day really.

This morning I got up extra early because I wanted to be at work early so I could get ready to go out on my first solo home visit. I got up did the usual things like shower, got dressed packed my bag and then attempted to clean to my teeth, only to have a first brush with death. As I was brushing my teeth, something that I have been doing for 22 years now something in what is normally an automatic process malfunctioned and I inhaled as I put the tooth brush in my mouth causing the whole amount of tooth paste on my brush to fly off the brush and down my throat…now at work if this has happened I would say that I aspirated my food and that if I continued to do this I would require thickened fluids, but instead I started to swallow over and over and over age and cough and splutter and then when I finally managed to get a drink I began to dry retch….crazy I know, and for a second I thought that I would die. Eventually after about 15minutes when I was able to breath semi-normally my throat began to burn…a lot and it still does, I guess that’s why you are supposed to spit the toothpaste out.

My Second brush with death came not long after the toothpaste incident. Because I was now running a little bit late, I didn’t have time to get any breafast….okay to be truthful, I never had time for breakfast, so I had to get some on my way to work. Normally in a situation like this I would have a good ol’ up and go, but I tried a new petrol station this morning and they didn’t have any up and go so instead I took a leaf out of Dave’s book and settled for and ice break. Not wanted to be any later I chucked it on my passenger seat and decieded that I would drink it on my way to the home visit. Anyway I finally got to work picked it up from the seat and as I did noticed that some had leaked out on to my seat. Here is the thing though, I hadn’t opened the drink yet…and maybe I am wrong but things aren’t supposed to leak if they are unopened. I looked at the seal on the drink…all good, I checked the date…all good, it was just leaking. So starving and running out of options I took it anyway, whether it was contaminated or not and so far so good.

The third brush happened on my way to the home visit. I was headed out to a town about half an hour from Castlemaine, well that’s what I had been told anyway. So off I went on a little adventure….the only problem was I got really lost and Karen (my GPS) was having a little holiday in Melbourne leaving me with only my where is print out and my vic roads 07 road map…which doesn’t have the new calder hwy in it. So I ended up driving in circles pretty much…with not a lot of phone reception on and off dirt roads. Once I was finally on the right road I got about 20km down only to find out the road was closed because they had collapsed the bridge to make a new one, so even though I had only just made my way onto the right path I had to take a 30km detour with out detour a signs and a poorly detailed map. But I made there, only and hour later than I should have, and I even made it home again with out too much hassel.

My final brush with death today (well so far anyway) was as I sat at the train station waiting for my train to Melbourne. It turns out Castlemaine is freezing and while this isn’t the first time I have discovered this, It is usually only freezing in the morning and at night, during the day its not too bad, but not too day, As I sat there waiting for the train, in my big black coat and scarf I thought that I might just freeze,. But thankfully the train came and now I am sitting here tell you about my day from the comfort of the Vline coach.

Just on completely different note, at the moment I am listening to the soundtrack to wicked (only the best musical ever!) and it is really making me want to be in a musical…really bad…

I guess that's just all part of the adventure!


Kerryn Lyons August 27, 2009 at 10:59 PM  

What drama! You should be in a musical! Glad you survived to tell the tale! Take care tomorrow.....

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