>> Monday, July 6, 2009

Recently in my attempts to get a bit fitter I have discovered group know classes, and my favourite so far...step class. So when I moved up to Castlemaine I thought I would check out the local gym and see if they offered one and guess what they do.

So tonight I went to m
y first step class in Castlemaine and I think my first problem was I didn't really think about it before I went and because of that I was a little shocked when I got there and discovered that there were only 4 people (including me) in the class, so my lack of co-ordination was probably going to stand out like a sore thumb.

The second problem was I didn't read the information about the class very well before I went, so when they asked me if I wanted the half hour or hour, I said the hour, why not, not realising that the second half hour was an ab-blast class...not step. So apart from my initial shock the class went ok, that was until the ab part. Step I could handle, I wasn't good at it, but I coped ok.

The Ab-blast however, was a completely different story. At the end of the step half two people left, leaving just two of us in the ab-class makeing me feel very very vunerable, (considering the last time I had done any ab exercisies was when Kat, Mim, Brad, Dave, Annie and I had a little super challenge on the ab-king pro probably close to a year ago)...But instead of bowing out gracefully I decided I would stay and give it a crack. For the most part I survived, I know that I will feel it tomorrow, but I am glad that I stuck it out. However there was one particularly uncomfortable moment... Now, I am not sure if this is normal or not, but one of the exercises that we had to do required us to get down on all fours and lift your back legs out (kinda like a dog whizzing on a tree), now if this wasn't uncomfortable enough, because there were only two of us we had a bit of close attention from the instructor, who was also on all fours looking at my legs, just to make sure I was lifting them high was weird and I do not like that least next time I will see it coming though.

I guess that's just all part of the adventure!


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