Racing Widow

>> Monday, May 4, 2009

I am a racing widow, that’s right you heard me, I am a racing widow. This weekend Davo has gone up to Winton raceway with his mate Darryl, leaving me alone, well almost alone, luckily for me I have a racing widow friend and that’s where I have spent my day today. Each time Dave heads off to the cars it means one thing for me, a girls day with Tania, Ally, Jamie and Tess and its always nice. As much as I hate it when Dave goes away, I really look forward hanging out with Tania, it is a friendship that has developed out of being left alone, but has become so much more than that, so I guess I just want to use this blog to thank Tania. Not just for being my fellow widow, but also for being my friend and for all the support and love that she has given me over that last couple of years and especially as I have moved up to Castlemaine, thanks for looking out for me, and for Davo too, or and for sitting with me as the reality of the massive adventure hit home. Thanks for sharing your girls with me and letting me teach them, and hang out with them and even write silly songs with them. Thanks too for sharing your wisdom, patience and kindness with me, I love ya stacks!

I guess that's all part of the adventure!


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