>> Monday, February 22, 2010

Good news... I have good news... I finally have the complete set of McLeod's Daughters, all in the right type... it's amazing, its wonderful and it looks soooooo good. 

How did this happen?  Well one I found at big W (season 5), but the rest...all through the magic of ebay!  I am not really sure why I didn't try this sooner, I mean it was perfect, I even got some ones that are brand new.  I think what held me back was that I had perviously been burned by ebay, when trying to complete my colection of Disney DVDs, without waiting for the ones that were stuck in the Disney vault, and I ordered what were described as brand new, never been opened DVDs of Beauty and the Beast and the Lion King, but it turns out what the seller failed to mention was that these copies weren't the nice original Disney ones, they were copies, right movie, but just not the same.  But thinking I was getting the real thing I spend way too much money on them...and now because I still wanted to watch them and something was better than nothing I have two pirate copies of the movies and I am still waiting on the real ones that are stuck in the vault.  

However, I learned from my little disappointment and gave up on ebay for a while, but when it dawned on me that perhaps ebay would be full of McLeod's discs, I decided that it was worth one more try, although this time I would ask questions and make sure I was getting exactly what I wanted.  So Thats what I did, I got season 4 & 6, opened but never watched from a nice young mum, I got season 7 from a girl in country Vic who had just watched it once and I got a brand new, unopened copy of season 8 from an ebay based DVD store.  So right now I am one happy camper.  And the best bit?  It didn't cost me a fortune, in fact, it was probably cheaper than if I had got them all from the store.  So now my collection is complete and they are proudly displayed on my mantle...check it out...

Oh and yes, if you want to you can come and watch McLeod's with me...   

I guess that's just all part of the adventure!


Dave March 5, 2010 at 8:54 AM  

Do I have to watch them with you there is about 270 episodes in the series. That's a lot. That's 200 hours of mcleods

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