Vindaloo against violence

>> Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tonight all across Melbourne, and hopefully Australia, Australians have united in having Indian for dinner.  Tonight we have been encouraged to have a Vindaloo against Violence, so that is what Dave, Jana, Sam and I have done.  I am not really sure if it is going to work, but I guess I have done my bit so we just wait and see.  I had only really heard about the event through church, although after we had already eaten our dinner I also heard a little bit about it on the radio, so I am not sure how well publicized it was, but it did seem as if the Indian restaurant was a little busier than usual for a Wednesday night, although I probably wouldn't know, because I only ever have Indian when I go out with others...and I think I have recorded each outing to Indian in my various blogs, because it is so rare.  In fact I only recall having Indian 4 times including today, once at Lyndel and Brad's because they thought it was about time Dusty and I tried it, once with Dad in China, and twice in Bendigo, for a christmas break up and tonight.   

Its not that I don't like Indian food, its just that I never crave it like I do Italian or Chinese...  I am not sure why, I just never do. Anyway, it was delicious and I really should have it more often, because I do actually like it.  

Oh and I have been following through on my promise to try new movies, tonight I have seen Shutter Island, which is a bit of a thriller and definitely not something I would have picked if I was going by myself, but I really liked it, it was clever and a little scary, but I didn't even jump, scream or cry...go me!  

I guess that's just all part of the adventure!


Dave March 5, 2010 at 8:50 AM  

I haven't even heard if it worked. At least some Indian resurant could put s thankyou for coming sign in their window.

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