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>> Saturday, February 20, 2010

Well today, with the much appreciated help of Mum, Dad and Davo, and after much stress and money budgeting and test driving and stressing and budgeting and stressing today I put a deposit down on a new car... Today I ordered my new Kia Rio.  Sure its not the most glamorous of cars...I mean its not a Ford...but I am super excited about it and I can't wait until it comes....but I really will have to wait because it is going to take forever.

Being slightly paranoid, I decided that because I was getting a small car I wanted it to be as safe as possible, this meant getting the curtain airbags installed, which meant that my new car was now a factory order.  So it turns out that it takes a really long time to get a factory ordered car in and so I won't actually get my car until mid to late May, which feels like forever away!  The other thing that has to happen, is I need my good old Saabie to hold up until then...Saabie is staying strong and holding in there, but I think that we might be cutting it fine.  I think that due to my climate control issues, I will have to start packing extra clothes and stuff to keep me warm as the Castlemaine winter starts to set in as heating is no longer an option.  

Nevertheless the new car is ordered...its coming and it is going to be awesome... Here are some facts about my new car that I am excited about (and yes I know some of them are lame):

1. Its small and cute2. Its blue...3. It only uses 6.9L/ cheap cheap4. It has a CD player - this is a massive step up from my tape deck
5. It has a drivers arm rest

6. It has air con that works

7. It has windows that work
8. It has a 5year unlimited km warrenty
9. Did I mention that its small and cute and blue?
10. It has a plug for my iPod
11. It has bluetooth for my phone

12. It has curtain airbags
13. Its a rare gem, coz it turns out there just isn't that many Kias in Melbourne...yet
14. The ignition is in the regular spot... as apposed to the center console ignition I currently have
15. It has a drink holder made for 1.25L bottles...just in case I am really thirsty16. I will no longer have crazy big blind spots
17. It won't put my oil warning light on every time I turn the corner

18. There is no 'void' between the driver and passenger like in Dave's car

19. It will enable me to park on Dave's lawn again...coz it's got a little button nose, and little bottom

20. Its mine

So now I just wait and wait and wait... but while I wait, I will enjoy my last drives with Saabie and think about important things like...What I will name my new car??? 

I guess that's just all part of the adventure!


Dave March 4, 2010 at 10:48 AM  

It will be a good car. A few points I need to make.
1. You will need to watch out for bird poo on your new car.
2. You can not pack anymore clothes because your bag will explode.
3. Does sabbie get an 'indian wash before he goes to heaven?'
4. How oftenare yougoing to clean your car?
5. Does the no food in the car rule apply like your dads car?
6. I bet there will be an empty bottle left in your car within the first 3 weeks. I'll be checking to see if I'm right.

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