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>> Saturday, May 2, 2009

Have you ever had one of those moments that made you go… ‘ahhh’, where you are a little amazed by something really really simple? I love it when it happens, normally it happens just out of the blue, you don’t even have to be looking for it, but it just pops up and makes you go wow.

Tonight has been one of those nights for me. As I travelled home, well back to Melbourne, driving along the calder freeway I had one of these moments. There is a hill in between Gisborne and Sunbury and as you come over the crest of the hill you are see the city lights, and its amazing. The journey up until this point is pretty dark with only other cars, trucks the occasional street light to guide your way, but as you come over the hill you are present with this massive expanse of lights and its only for a second, but its there and tonight it made me go wow, check that out, God is good. I think what made this moment a moment though was all the little details as well, the darkness before, the expanse of lights and the fact that just as my car went over the crest my ipod started playing ‘Go the Distance’ from Disney’s Hercules sung by none other than Michael Bolton. Wow…even thinking about it now is good.

Anyway, this wasn’t my first wow moment for the day, nup life’s simple pleasures didn’t stop there…when I got home a sat down to have fish and chips with mum and dad. I think that what made this better than all the other times I have had fish and chips with them was again the details, the fact that I didn’t live there anymore, but I was still part of the family (sound silly, but its true), the fact that there was no pressure to be anywhere or to be doing anything else, and I guess the most important bit, the fact that I was just with my family.

After dinner I went to the movie with my buddy kat and we saw Wolverine which was not bad at all. Anyway during the movie Hugh Jackman’s character made a wise crack about people from Newfoundland in Canada, and I got the joke…now I know this isn’t a big deal for most people, but it made me think that there a probably a lot of jokes in movies that I don’t get just because I don’t understand the reference to a time or place, but this one I got and it made me feel smart and like I was in with the movie makers, another simple pleasure for the day.

Anyway, I guess the point of all this is that so often I get grumpy or take things for granted, but every now and then, normally when I least expect it something simple makes me smile, and I love it. Maybe I am easily amused, or perhaps I am a little nuts, but I hope that little things like lights, fish and chips and jokes always make me laugh!

I guess that's all part of the adventure!


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