Flying through the list - # 58, # 62

>> Sunday, January 10, 2010

Well I am flying through the list so far... Today, only 10 days in, I can cross to more things off my list...The first one was under sad circumstances though... let me explain...

This morning I was able to cross off #58 Attend Bendigo Corps, however it was to say farewell to Quentin and Susanne, who have been the officers there for the last 3years and are now heading to South Australia to an appointment there.  Over the past year I have been really grateful for Quentin and Susanne and the love and support they have given me.  When I moved away from home, mum reminded me that I was a salvo so I was going to have a family close enough and it is really true.  After a little bit of initial phone hockey, Susanne invited me to join a cell group at the corps and it has been one of the best things I have done up here.  It has given me some free meals, something to do every second week, but most of all some new friends that I will never forget, and even though I haven't been there on Sunday's it has given me a salvo family to belong to up here.  It has also allowed me to get to know both Quentin and Susanne and their lovely kids...which you may have noticed I have blogged about before.  And while I know the army world is small, and the magic of facebook is awesome, I will miss having them around and having a good laugh, but I know that they will be doing incredible things in SA and I have to let them go.  So thanks guys so much for everything that you have done and for helping settle in up here in the country, you will definitely be missed.  

The other thing I was able to cross off my list is a little less emotional...this afternoon I purchased a new set top box for my TV (#62).  Luckily for me Davo was up in Castlemaine for a visit so he set it all up for me and it is ready to go, with a lovely clear picture and lots more channels...although it does appear at this stage I am missing channel 9 in all shapes and forms but I am sure it will show up when its ready. 

I guess that's just all part of the adventure!


Dave January 29, 2010 at 1:52 PM  

Good work on the list. Shame about Q & S but you'll see them we just need to do another Adelaide road trip

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