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>> Friday, August 14, 2009

So about my day of turned out to be a little busier than's what I got up to on my much anticipated ADO

This morning I went and baked a cake with kitty. The cake was for Dusty's birthday...and it didn't turn out a exactly as I planned. Instead of being a Mocha Choc cake, it was a little more like a Mocha Choc brownie...neither Kitty or I are sure were we went wrong. But even though the cake didn't turn out, it was still super nice to hang out and just catch up with Kat, and to hear all her stories from her trip…even if we didn’t come up with a way to travel around the world and make massive amounts of money.

From baking with Kitty, I went back to Billy Hydes for lunch and to catch up with my favourite print friends...It was heaps of fun, hearing and seeing what had changed, reminiscing on the good old days, I was sad to learn that my desk had become a bit of a dump site, but it was nice to see that my winning tickets from galactic circus were still on display.

After the print department was sufficiently stunk out by hot chips I headed to the hall to meet up with Mum and Tania. We had afternoon tea in café salvo, which is always nice and had a chance to just chat and catch up with Tan.

I then raced home and got ready for my final stop for the day…Dusty and Jess’ 21st dinner. During which I wrote a small speech to share at dinner…because no one should get through their 21st with out a speech of some kind.

So there you go not quite a day of leisure…but a day well spent.

I guess that's just all part of the adventure!


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