Dog walking

>> Tuesday, August 18, 2009

As I have mentioned before Dexter whinges constantly, so today when I got home I thought in order to give him a little bit more attention and to wear him out a little, I would do something that I thought all dogs loved. I took little Dex for a walk.

Now, I was under the impression that walking was a dog was a great idea, but apparently not… Dexter didn’t like it at all, in fact he whinged the whole way to the post box and back. But as if whinging wasn’t enough, Dex thought it would get my attention if he jumped at my legs the entire way there and back. Seriously, you would think that he would love it…trust that I have the only dog in the whole world that hates going for a walk. Well is going to have to learn to like it, there is just no other option. I will not have a dog that doesn’t like to walk…it simply will not do.

I had big plans for this dog, high fiving, shaking hands, playing dead…but no, he can’t even walk. What on earth do I do now?

I guess that's just all part of the adventure!


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