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>> Saturday, August 29, 2009

I am a little bit of a princess, I know that its hard to believe but its true, and today….actually wait, stop reading…I need to issue a warning for this blog…if you don’t like romantic stuff…stop reading and come back tomorrow, because I don’t want to turn you off the whole blog because of one soppy blog…seriously, if you aren’t into romance chick flick style…off you go…

Ok, so for those that are left…(if any) today I had a ‘date day’. Date days used to be quite a regular occurrence for Dave and I, Once or twice a year Davo would take me on an all day date, usually to somewhere in the city, or to do something I have been talking about for a while. They are always wonderful and Dave does a great job at planning it all and generally making me feel like a princess. Anyway, I hadn’t been on a date day for a couple of years, mainly because I completely wrecked the last one by being grumpy, crying and falling asleep (sorry Dave). So bravely Dave had another go and it was lovely, even though the weather was terrible.

The day started with scones at the Sky High Café at Mt Dandenong, from there we headed into the city and because it was very cold and a little rainy we went to DFO instead of to the beach and luna park. After a quick dinner on South bank, Davo took me (thanks to nessa) to the top of the Eureka tower where I was able to go out on the edge and almost poo my pants from fear…although the view was amazing. We then finished the night at the movies at crown… It was really nice, but I think the nicest bit of the whole day was the fact that I just got to spend some time with Davo, just us, without having to be somewhere or doing something later, just us all day. So thanks Davo, you really are amazing and I love you stacks. That’s for treating me like a princess...oh and sorry I could fix the weather…

I guess that's just all part of the adventure!


Dave October 2, 2009 at 4:49 PM  

It was a good day, and you're right the best bit about it was just being with you. Love you.

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