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As I am pretty sure I have mentioned at least once or twice before, I LOVE McLeod's Daughters.  So far I have worked my way through the first 3 seasons, so I still have plenty to catch up on, however I have hit a snage.  Now, some of this is my own fault as I am a little anal retentive, but it is a snag all the same.  McLeod's is avaliable in two different box sets...

These ugly brown ones:

and these much nicer white ones:

As you can imagine I have been getting the prettier ones, as the look much nicer on my bookshelf.  However it turns out that these nice white ones are quite hard to get as they are the old kind.  The new ugly brown ones are the space savers...and they are not the same.  I have 3 seasons that are white and I want them all to match, I just don't think that I can handle having some white and some I have been hunting...and when I say that I mean literally hunting, going from DVD store to DVD store, Kmart to Kmart all in the hope of finding any of the seasons I don't have...seasons 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. 

Just recently when I was in Wonthaggi, I found what I thought was a copy of season 6, however, there were no discs in the cases.  Being in Big W, I thought that perhaps the discs where just at the counter, so I took the set over to ask for them, only to be told that if the discs weren't there, they had been sadly I handed back the empty cases and left very disappointed. 

Today I was in Borders and I had an actual copy, discs and all of season 4 in my hot little hands... it was a little damaged so I thought perhaps I would try my luck to see if there was another copy, and maybe even any other seasons.  Anyway, while waiting for assistance, I noticed that the price was listed at $129.  This was a little higher that the $33, I had become accustomed to paying.  So before the man ran off to check if there were any more we queried the price.  Sadly the price had been recorded correctly, while it does seem very much insane, Borders sells McLeod's for $129...crazy, so not willing to part with that much money for an Australian TV Drama series, and still hoping I would find the rest as a better price I once again handed it back and left the store deflated.  

Twice I have been soooooooo close, yet still I only have 3 seasons....I am beginning to lose hope that I will ever have the complete set of white ones... 

I guess that's just all part of the adventure!


Dave March 2, 2010 at 7:05 PM  

All worked out in the end

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