>> Saturday, September 26, 2009

So, as I said yesterday, this weekend I am in Daylesford with Brad, Kat, Mim and Dave…and today we after a massive cooked breaky, we celebrated Grand final day in true Australian Style… With a cake decorated to look like a footy (amazing work kitty), an open fire and a lunch fit for kings…sausage rolls, party pies, and chicken nuggets. I really like grand final day, it just makes me feel very patriotic, and the fact that Farnsey and Barnsey we both in the pre-game entertainment was even better.

I think that I have mentioned this a couple times before, but I really love just hanging out with my buddies…it’s just really nice, especially when you are away from all of life’s other distractions. It was so nice just to spend time together, not to go out and do special things but just spend time together, we played a few board games, shared some great food and watched some telly and it was just really nice. I am really beginning to think that I need to start doing things like this more often…

Oh and here are some pictures from out weekend…check out Kitty’s cake…amazing.

I guess that's just all part of the adventure!


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