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>> Sunday, September 13, 2009

What a day I have had today…in fact my day has been so full on I have a lot I could talk about… I could write about how I met my two favourite drivers and kept relatively calm after a pep talk from Dave or I could write about how my heart was broken when Ford, well team Vodafone can second in the last lap despite leading the race for 99 of the 113 laps... Or I could even talk about the fact that this is my 100th blog. But no today I want to tell you about Andrew ‘Fishtail’ Fisher, the Jesus racing team and the Jesus car… For most of the day we sat track side and watched the cars, which although it may sound boring to you is fantastic. While I was watching one car caught my eye more than usual. It was a car that isn’t normally in the V8’s in fact it normally isn’t a car at all…its normally a ute. But today, as part of the enduro races the guys at ‘Jesus racing’ have a car out there. The car is known as the Jesus car because of that fact that it had ‘Jesus, all about life’ on the side as its major sponsor and I think that its pretty grouse.

Its pretty rare these days to see unmistaken about Christian messages sponsoring secular things, in a way that is actually relvent and cool and not just a ‘repent or die’ card or a John 3:16 cardboard banner. But here broadcast live to all of Australia is a car that speaks the message clear as day. And not only is it out there but its actually taken really well, the commentators and the spectators love it. I think that maybe this is something that we should be doing more of. Putting our selves out there, doing a bit or marketing for our selves. Coz the thing is what we have is good…in fact its better than that its great, so why shouldn’t it be out there. We should more things like it, because when done in a relevant and tasteful way it’s powerful. In fact I would really love to see a salvo shield on the back of the ute/car…that would be wicked.

I also really love the story behind the car. The Jesus car has been racing now for over 18months and while normally in the ute comp. It still has a massive impact. Andrew ‘Fishtail’ Fisher, the driver has this to say about how he came up with the idea…

‘ I was recently challenged as to whether I simply carry my Christianity as a back pack or whether I really pick up my cross each day. This caused me to think about why I am involved in motor racing and what impact I make for the Kingdom. With this in mind I thought it would be a great idea to put a fish on the back of the race car to show that I am a Christian! My wife challenged me and said well if you really want to make a statement why don't you promote Jesus. All about life all over the car, "that will let them know where you stand"!’

Pretty cool ey? I would like to think though that this is just the beginning of things like this…perhaps there is already others like Andrew out there. But I really liked it.

Just as a side note I also like that his name is fisher…and because at the enduros you have two drives it was be really cool if the other driver was like Owen Men or Oliver Men, coz that way the car would have ‘Jesus All about life’ and then as the drives ‘A. Fisher, O. Men’ – get it….or maybe that would make it dorky…

I guess that's just all part of the adventure!


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