Wagga Wagga

>> Friday, September 18, 2009

Right as we speak I am on the road heading to Wagga Wagga in NSW, don’t worry Dusty is driving and I am on the computer. I am a bit excited about the trip actually, because fresh off the heels of Charlie and Boots I am ready to see Australia, but that’s not the reason we are going, we are heading north for a wedding, which you will hear more about as it happens. Although I have to admit that this is the longest period of time I think that I have ever spent with Dusty by myself, but I am sure with a little help from Farnsy, Barnsey and Elton we won’t kill each other.

Perhaps if I wasn’t driving with Dustin, who doesn’t seem to care much about the country or its little towns, I would have taken the opportunity to stop in some of towns with cool names that we have passed on the way like…Wandong or Longwood or Dookie.

Anyway, while we have been driving we have actually driven through a lot of the land that was effected by the massive bush fires earlier this year and although the black trees are a harsh reminder of the power and devastation of fire, it was also really amazing to see the regrowth happening too. It was refreshing to see the green, even though it was small slowly taking over the tops of the black trees, giving a bit of hope that life can restart after fire. It still amazes me how God can make something so damaged and broken into something new.

I guess that's just all part of the adventure!


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