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>> Saturday, October 3, 2009

I need to tell you all that I am so very very very proud of Dave. Today he made his debut as a ‘show musician’.  

At the moment Dave is one of the deps for Jersey Boys and today he got to do his first show…and I was so proud, he did such an amazing job.

I think what made me even more excited though was the fact that it wasn’t like the other shows where the musos are just in the pit and you can’t see them. No, this time Dave had to dance and play a solo on stage as part of the show, and he did such a good job.

I must admit I was very very nervous and a little concerned that he would stuff it up, but he didn’t (Not that I know of anyway).  I was sitting pretty close to the front with Dave’s sister Ness and both of us were a little bit crazy, but when Davo came out or we heard him play we nudged each other and got a little excited…I also need to admit that I did have another one of those 13year old girl moments where I just freeze up and overflow with emotion almost to the point of tears. I was just so proud and excited all once.

I am hoping that next time I go I can actually enjoy the show a little more because while I loved it, I was very distracted about when Davo would come out and whether or not he was doing ok.

Oh and I also loved the fact that it was all about New Jersey (which I did know from the title don’t panic), because it meant that I heard names of places that I recognised so that was kinda cool.

I guess that's just all part of the adventure!


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